S.V. (Bala) Balachander, Founder and CEO

Bala founded JMN in 2005 and serves as the CEO and Mentor for JMN. His experience with the fund management industry in the United States for over two decades has been a major catalyst for the incubation of JMN. He has played pivotal role in client acquisitions and business expansion over the last 6 years apart from being involved in building a strong team of analysts over the years. He has been primarily responsible for acquiring clients in the financial services industry covering a wide range of players from pure-play investment banks to insurance companies offering services to support research analysts. His role as a mentor to JMN analysts is commendable, as employees cherish their experience with JMN as critical to career growth.

Prior to founding JMN, from June 2003 till May 2005, Bala served as Senior Analyst and Head of Credit Research at Waterstone Capital Management LP, a Minneapolis-based fund management firm specialized in convertible securities. Between April 2002 and June 2003, he served as Senior Vice President at Payden & Rygel Investment Council, a Los Angeles-based fund management firm. Prior to this, he served as Senior Credit Analyst at Allstate Insurance Company Inc between October 1996 and April 2002 and as Associate Portfolio Manager at Wells Fargo Financial between June 1992 and October 1996.

Bala holds Masters of Business Administration from the University of Iowa and holds Bachelor Degree in Science from Loyola University in Chennai. He also holds the CPA designation along with being a CFA charter holder. He is also the Country Head for the CFA Institute in India. Bala is also a member of the Tamil Nadu Sailing Association and spends his weekend sailing with his family and friends.

Vijay Devarakonda, Senior Research Analyst

Vijay joined JMN in October 2006 as an Associate Analyst and currently serves as the Senior Research Analyst. His sell-side research experience covers a wide industry verticals including IT and BPO services, media and marketing services, technology and enterprise applications and education services across the US and Asian regions. He also has significant research experience covering global corporate divestitures. He also plays major role in team development initiatives including recruitment and training.

Prior to joining JMN, Vijay worked as a Project Manager for an F&A outsourcing consulting firm in Mumbai between Jan 2005 and September 2005. He began his career in 2004 serving as a Financial Analyst for a consulting firm focused on clean technologies, helping private equity investors identify potential investment opportunities in the South Asian countries, including India, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Vijay is an Associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and a CFA charter holder. He is also a certified western classical guitar and piano player.

Richard Paul, Senior Research Analyst

Richard joined JMN in 2006 as an Associate Analyst and currently serves as the Senior Research Analyst. During the last 5 years, he gained significant research experience in the consumer and financial services industry. He has played critical roles in the development and publication of industry pitch book for his clients while offering thematic research ideas consistently. Between August 2010 and October 2011, Richard had a brief stint at a private equity firm in the Middle East, which enabled him gain exposure to the private equity industry. Currently, he is leading a team of fixed income analytics and research complemented with software professionals to develop a fixed income analytics product for a client.
Prior to joining JMN, Richard served as Territory Manager with FedEx between Jan 2006 and May 2006. He also served as an Executive Officer with Citi Bank between Mar 2004 and Dec 2005.

Richard holds Masters of Business Administration from Loyola College in Chennai and holds Bachelor Degree in Engineering from Madurai Kamaraj University. He also holds the FRM designation and is a CFA charter holder. Richard is also a professional badminton player.

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